Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Contiguous: A panoramic survey of power in Appleton, WI

How do we create or access images? How are tools of image making changing? Are they becoming more democratic?

Film photographs

Digital photographs

A searchable database of digital images.

How do we visualize power?

How do we visualize political space?

How do we represent political systems?

I think I'm a bit off base here.
         these photographs show nothing..

If I had placed them in a single panorama what would that be? It's not a critique.

Of course thats ok.
I felt compelled to show this. To say look at these institutions. They are the part of the same thing. They exist in the same space. But they literally do exist in the same space. And that doesn't mean anything politically.

I want to consider the meaning behind the way an image is produced.

  • Film, a physical index of the referent. –Unique access, private.
  • Digital photographs, the physical imprint is temporary, immediately translated into code. –Private, but surveilled.
  • Google Maps/Streetview. An algorithm's synthesis of  thousands of digital images, sutured into a unreal simulacra. –Institutional. Public. A product of surveillance.
 These tools for image making each have their own specific democratic advantages and histories. How and when does the ability to create and access images translate into democratic power? How does constant documentation hamper dissent?

I need to do more thinking.

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