Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Something is Happening show

 The show was a big hit. My book was the biggest which was a little embarrassing. And the gallery presented my prints at half the asking price I had requested. (No one bought them obviously, because people hate cheap art.) But everyone loved my work so I don't have to worry about my financial future at least. Thats a start! I brought feta cheese, baby dill pickles, pastries, and wine to the show. I left with oreos and hint of lime tostitos. What a haul!

With regards to my photos, I made some changes since the flickr album. I brought the title down a notch. And I did some cool things with zooming in on parts of the photos I liked and putting that on the opposite page. I'm pretty happy with it. Some of it printed a little dark. And it feels a little boring but I still like it. Overall I think it was a good exercise in self editing and self curation. I have trouble being concise or specific with my photographs.

John Cage

McLuhan was an inspiration and mentor to John Cage even though McLuhan was only a year older than the experimental composer.  Later in life they became friends. Among Cage's other inspirations/mentors/friends was Marcel Duchamp.
Image result for john cageBoth McLuhan and Cage agree that the eye has dominated the western mind. That we should take sounds more seriously. Both are interested in the fact that you cannot shut your ears. Both are frustrated with the rigidness of understanding space within western culture 

“When we ignore it, it disturbs us. When we listen to it, we find it fascinating." 
This is an excerpt from an essay Cage wrote in ___. He explains his reasons for using chance operations in his compositions and expands on his ideas behind sound. After this essay the critical and academic worlds spent much less time on the content of Cage's art and mainly focused on his ideas about art and sound. This contradicts one of his main ideas that the intention of the artist is not important to the finished work.
For example, 4’33’’, probably his most famous piece, is usually talked about with regards to the ideas behind it; There is no silence. Listen to the sounds around you. The audience is part of the song... But they don't talk about the song.

"I have nothing to say and I am saying it." - John Cage
Maybe the critics prove him wrong. Is his work only valuable for the theoretical point it makes? 
 By using computer systems that run chance operations to determine what Cage does in his art, he is very literally using circuitry as an extension of the nervous system, like McLuhan says.


“Using chance operations assumes that each thing that happens is the best.”

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

The past few years

I was sad yesterday and I didn't think I was gonna be... But i started looking through sounds I recorded on my voice memos app over tha past few years and it made it a lot worse. I made a short peice out of these sounds .. I found the process very therapeutic but I feel a deep sadness when I listen to this piece. Much of that is due to my connection to the individual sounds. When I listen to it I feel I have died. I hope some of this feeling can be picked up on by the audience.

"The highest purpose is to have no purpose at all. This puts one in accord with nature, in her manner of operation."  - John Cage

I cant think this way.. I feel so idle .. I love to do nothing and observe but it also makes me feel purposeless, useless... bad. Here in many of these recordings I am idle, observing.. and still compulsively recording. appropriating. *Insert Sontag quote here*

I like the sounds of me holding the phone while recording too. the clicks and scratches and static. It creates a strange feeling of point of view and a feeling that reminds me of listening to an old tape recorder. It's amature nature. It makes it feel more autobiographical. I thought it was an interesting interplay of forms where I record a tape recorder playing old tapes of my grandpa taking voice memos, on my digital voice memo app.

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Rashaad Newsome: Rad Awesome!

Once again the guest speaker's talk made this passage come to mind immediately: "Primitive and pre-alphabet people integrate time and space as one and live in an acoustic, horizonless, boundless, olfactory space, rather than in visual space. Their graphic presentation is like an x-ray. They put in everything they know, rather than only what they see. ... the primitive artist twists and tilts the various possible visual aspects until they fully explain what he wishes to represent." McLuhan 56/7
He continues to talk about the how the new media artist now works in this way again. I saw this in the video and visual collages of Rashaad Newsome.
I found it very interesting when he said he wanted to represent the body through architecture although I'm not sure how he meant that or whether or not I thought he was completely successful.
I like what he said about everything being collage. Its funny he got knighted and I like that in the video he went back and got knighted by people he respected instead. After the third video of the trilogy I was kind of wondering why he was using himself in the videos. It seems so.... something lol.
As much as I liked the collages, I found the video art more affecting. "Icon" gave me chills. The interplay of sound and dance as well as digital collage was really effective.

Monday, January 23, 2017

Club Penguin and the Town Square

The digital world wide Net has not created a global village. What it has created is closer to a masquerade themed orgy. And at the expense of the destruction of the public square. No longer can the Lenin's of this world stand on a soap box in the town square and call the masses to action. No longer can the workers of the shop floor and the owners walk by the same man preaching the word of Marx. The Digital Net has ensnared us yet atomized us. Pushed us further into niche of niche.

What to do?

Start with the children of course.

Children are less susceptible to the atomizing effects of the Net. His vastness is not yet understood nor accessed by the little comrades. They access several websites, but the one traversed by every single one of them is Club Penguin. This is certainly true for todays little ones, as it was for my generation. If only there had been a subversive organization calling the little youths to action when we were young... if...... if only.... no. We act now. The past and Future are simultaneous and we will work for the people here and now.

Club Penguin is the new Town Square

And so CP (club penguin) is where we must do our work if we truly want to build a CP (communist party) capable of taking power in this country, and eventually all over the world. This is where we can meet and discuss and persuade and fight back. Down with technocrats! Down with capital! We will seize the means of production once and for all. No more compromises. Full control by the people! this will be no easy task, but with the children on our side, we can do it.

Workers Unite!