Tuesday, February 6, 2018

I'm taller than all of you

I need more shots of people, I'm gonna go through my iphone photos this week. its boring without people right?


Pulped Under Pressure

Notes in a handmade book:

Sunday, January 28, 2018

Remembrance, significance.

Assembling records. Creating meaning.

How do you put feeling into banality? There's no need to be original. The most beautiful things are already here.

Scott Carrier stitches together a beautiful and nostalgic soundscape through meaningless records. 

These newer mediums invested in objective reproduction of reality have their philosophical problems, but they are good for this project of remembrance.

Carrier's project was inspired by Bill Owens' photo book Suburbia

What a great book. Check it out from the Seeley G. Mudd Library where I work!

Robert Adams (1937-still alive as of Jan 28, 2018 11:51 PM)
Capturing an even more banal and sinister beauty in the growing American suburbs.

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Related image

Saint Anthony of Padua, the Patron saint of travel and lost things.

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 And here is the container holding his tongue!

Ah but what can we do for these lost things!
Find them! And remember them. And ask other to remember.

Andrei Platonov's Voshchev from The Foundation Pit 

"It was hot, a day wind was blowing and cocks were crowing in some village–––
everything had abandoned itself to meek existence, only Voshchev had made himself separate and silent. A dead, fallen leaf lay beside Voshchev's head; the wind had brought it there from a distant tree, and now this leaf faced humility in the earth. Voshchev picked up the leaf that had withered and hid it away in a secret compartment of his bag, where he took care of all kinds of objects of unhappiness and obscurity. 'You did not possess the meaning of life,' supposed Voshchev with the miserliness of compassion. 'Stay here––and I'll find out what you lived and perished for. Since no one needs you and you lie about amidst the whole world, then I shall store and remember you. ... He laid under his head the bag where he collected every kind of obscurity for memory and vengance, felt sad, and so fell asleep."

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Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Nostalgia baby

 I can't edit at home, I discovered, but I've organized many files and been rewatching, making mental sketches and associations. Rewatching this footage I'm glad I'm a few months removed from it, editing it in winter. I want to begin with this audio of my drive from Appleton to Minneapolis in June this summer.

Bugs, dead things, planes, clouds, shadows, and transparencies seemed to be what interested me this summer. The footage is beautiful but sloppy. I am getting exactly the feeling I felt when filming this summer, so I'm confident I can come up with a successful project.

The things I'm most worried about is the discontinuity between different settings. Specifically, I think there is an obvious difference in the footage I took while in Canada vs. while at home. The light and foliage is very different, but most of all it seems I was thinking of different things when filming.

Below are screengrabs from footage I'll be using, and below is the audio of radio interference.

Play until 1:30 and then skip to 9:11 and then stop at like 10:30

Sunday, January 21, 2018

Nelson Ramírez de Arellano

Nelson was a quiet and warm guy. I went to the lunch with him and his benefactors where they expounded the downfall of his once beautiful country. His disagreement was apparent from small faces and sounds and polite contradictions. We had a long and vague conversation about the American embassy diplomats who got sick in Havana. Everyone seemed to be talking in euphemisms, hinting at what they thought happened, while many at the table didn't seem to have heard of the incident at all. I kept muttering that it was probably the CIA and it was like a USS Maine type of deal but no one was listening to me, the nut.

His presentation was great. He simply went through the history of photography in Cuba which situated his work in that specific cultural historical context. What a great way to do it.

The show itself reaffirmed my appreciation for documentary photography. Those were by far my favorite pieces in the show. In class I recently accused photography as capturing, not creating. I meant it as an insult but its really a powerful thing. No artist can create anything as beautiful as the little magical moments of coincidence and beauty that happen in the real world, and photography comes with the understanding that it represents reality. Yeah I liked Nelson's print pretty good but it doesn't compare to the documentary photography.

Tuesday, January 16, 2018


Tomorrow: watch all my footage with a notebook in a relaxed mindset :)
Monday: a five minute sound collage
Wednesday: initial visualization
Repeat until week 8 and then attempt Consolidation!