Monday, January 23, 2017

Club Penguin and the Town Square

The digital world wide Net has not created a global village. What it has created is closer to a masquerade themed orgy. And at the expense of the destruction of the public square. No longer can the Lenin's of this world stand on a soap box in the town square and call the masses to action. No longer can the workers of the shop floor and the owners walk by the same man preaching the word of Marx. The Digital Net has ensnared us yet atomized us. Pushed us further into niche of niche.

What to do?

Start with the children of course.

Children are less susceptible to the atomizing effects of the Net. His vastness is not yet understood nor accessed by the little comrades. They access several websites, but the one traversed by every single one of them is Club Penguin. This is certainly true for todays little ones, as it was for my generation. If only there had been a subversive organization calling the little youths to action when we were young... if...... if only.... no. We act now. The past and Future are simultaneous and we will work for the people here and now.

Club Penguin is the new Town Square

And so CP (club penguin) is where we must do our work if we truly want to build a CP (communist party) capable of taking power in this country, and eventually all over the world. This is where we can meet and discuss and persuade and fight back. Down with technocrats! Down with capital! We will seize the means of production once and for all. No more compromises. Full control by the people! this will be no easy task, but with the children on our side, we can do it.

Workers Unite!

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Ann Harris

"Entangled Ecologies: Community, Identity, and the Modern Future of the Medieval Past"
This is what Ann Harris of DePauw University named her sermon. Here is a medieval painting she showed:

Ann Harris described this medieval zodiac painting like this: she says it has a layered sense of time, place, and space. See for yourself. The people in the painting have a permeable sense of self. The two people are parts of the same person, or rather, a more universal representation of humanity. their identity is entangled in the environment and the stars. "Body is contingent, entangled, permeable."

Mchluhan has something to say about art that has abandoned, or rather not yet taken up, perspective:

"Primitive and pre-alphabet people integrate time and space as one and live in an acoustic, horizonless, boundless, olfactory space, rather than in visual space. Their graphic presentation is like an x-ray. They put in everything they know, rather than only what they see. ... the primitive artist twists and tilts the various possible visual aspects until they fully explain what he wishes to represent." 56/7

it obviously is not a primitive or prealphabet painting... but I think that it was obvious this part of the statement was an exaggeration anyways...

she then sagwayed (no idea how ur supposed to spell that)((I really could use some flinks))  into talking about rock raising and tipping and reraising. specifically in the case of some rocks in france (or scotland (I think it was scotland but Johnnie doesn't think so)) ...  So these stones had been moved and then raised as some sort of religious thing by some pagan rock folks.. and then the Christians got mad and tore them down. What I thought was the most interesting thing she said was just that the debate around reraising the stones is just as significant as the other two. It simple but I never thought about it like that. history in the making. It actually probably isn't as significant tho.. because the first one is necessary for the other tow events / community decisions. and because we alter our environment much more radically and often in present times..

I don't believe in conclusions.

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Convictions, Clarity, and Purpose: A Guide to Powerful art

I’m pretty aimless as an artist. I have specific interests that I’ve been pursuing laetly in my art (poorly I believe).. I don’t think I have a clear goal in my art but if I got to choose it would be to help wage class war… And I do get to choose so what does that say about me. (I’m a lazy apathetic coward?)

I'm asking myself why I make art

I'm drawn to the representations of reality. Concrete manifestations of perception
I make art to vent... quiet my mind and fill my head when i'm in pain and to help me feel something when I can't... 


or do I just like attention

I've always been obsessed with photographing things. Earlier because of my fear of forgetting. later for reasons i've recently attributed to an interest in modes of replicating/representing realiy. And wondering how that affects perceptions of reality. .. but who knows.. Both impulses direct how i photograph and record my life now... Theres dread and coveting in the photos I take.... I remember one night I was on vacation in colorado.  Earlier that summer my Grandma had let me pick any book out of barnes and noble and I picked one that was a diary of a zombie apocalypse survivor and on the last page he was eaten and the page was covered in blood.. I developed a profound fear of the coming apocolypse and I was very afraid that my mother, left at home, would be eaten before I could get back.. Me and my older sister were walking in the dark back to our cabin at the YMCA camp in the Rocky Mountains and I lamented the fact that we would never remember any of this in ten years, at least not faithfully.

I save locations on google maps after passing it in a car
 when I want to return to a place to photograph or film
 or just revisit or remember why it intrigued me. I almost never do.

I have developed an interest in the aesthetics and ethics of mass media, surveillance, documentary... and the intersections. and the affects on our perceptions.. I have a doc in progress.

I've very recently become intrigued by the act of talking to the internet and how that affects me and the way it changes my perceptions of the ppl around me. I’ve been posting a lot on my first draft of this blog and pretty quickly decided not to show it to anyone and have it as a kind of diary or place that I vent. There was something interesting where I could send my anxieties into a void that is completely public and yet inaccessible because of the amount of information on the web. I type words on a machine and send it out to something that I don’t understand at all..          

I had this idea about google maps as an analogy to documentary film.. both using a kind of photographic surveillance–atomized propositions of reality–sutured together creating a new reality that is consumed as realer than the world we move through... we'll work on it...
Scars in the simulacrum - screen grab from google streetview

I guess I make art because I don't know what else to do... 
I don't even think that I see what I've been doing as art... 
Art seems like a weird way to categorize it at the moment right now and I can't even begin to know why...

I like my secret blog better....