Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Rashaad Newsome: Rad Awesome!

Once again the guest speaker's talk made this passage come to mind immediately: "Primitive and pre-alphabet people integrate time and space as one and live in an acoustic, horizonless, boundless, olfactory space, rather than in visual space. Their graphic presentation is like an x-ray. They put in everything they know, rather than only what they see. ... the primitive artist twists and tilts the various possible visual aspects until they fully explain what he wishes to represent." McLuhan 56/7
He continues to talk about the how the new media artist now works in this way again. I saw this in the video and visual collages of Rashaad Newsome.
I found it very interesting when he said he wanted to represent the body through architecture although I'm not sure how he meant that or whether or not I thought he was completely successful.
I like what he said about everything being collage. Its funny he got knighted and I like that in the video he went back and got knighted by people he respected instead. After the third video of the trilogy I was kind of wondering why he was using himself in the videos. It seems so.... something lol.
As much as I liked the collages, I found the video art more affecting. "Icon" gave me chills. The interplay of sound and dance as well as digital collage was really effective.

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