Monday, January 23, 2017

Club Penguin and the Town Square

The digital world wide Net has not created a global village. What it has created is closer to a masquerade themed orgy. And at the expense of the destruction of the public square. No longer can the Lenin's of this world stand on a soap box in the town square and call the masses to action. No longer can the workers of the shop floor and the owners walk by the same man preaching the word of Marx. The Digital Net has ensnared us yet atomized us. Pushed us further into niche of niche.

What to do?

Start with the children of course.

Children are less susceptible to the atomizing effects of the Net. His vastness is not yet understood nor accessed by the little comrades. They access several websites, but the one traversed by every single one of them is Club Penguin. This is certainly true for todays little ones, as it was for my generation. If only there had been a subversive organization calling the little youths to action when we were young... if...... if only.... no. We act now. The past and Future are simultaneous and we will work for the people here and now.

Club Penguin is the new Town Square

And so CP (club penguin) is where we must do our work if we truly want to build a CP (communist party) capable of taking power in this country, and eventually all over the world. This is where we can meet and discuss and persuade and fight back. Down with technocrats! Down with capital! We will seize the means of production once and for all. No more compromises. Full control by the people! this will be no easy task, but with the children on our side, we can do it.

Workers Unite!


  1. i love the aspect of interaction in this video. it's slightly weird considering most of those penguins are random children throughout the world but it's an interesting idea, being in a space where there are so many presences and yet it's virtual so they aren't really there.